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Calendula Dreams

Calendula Dreams - Hand Cream

Calendula Dreams - Hand Cream

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Locally Crafted By Raft Guide Hands for Raft Guide Hands - 

Elisha has been a raft guide since the late 90’s, and like most guides, struggled with finger cracks. She discovered that certain lotions had certain ingredients that worked well, but never found one that had all of the good things in it, so set about trying to create the perfect lotion. Through many years of trial and error, she finally crafted the best lotion that both prevents and helps heal finger cracks. It is non greasy and absorbs quickly (think solid grip on oar handles and no sandy hands at camp!) Packed with skin nourishing ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe, goat milk, and vit E oil, all of the ingredients are infused with calendula, an herb in the marigold family that is renowned for its skin healing properties. Still a career river professional (Elisha owns Canyon River Instruction in Salida, CO and teaches rafting across the globe,) Elisha also runs a small farm and now makes this lotion with milk from her goats and calendula from her garden. Seriously, this stuff is pure freaking magic. WARNING! You’ll never be able to do a Grand Canyon trip without a jar of it again

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