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River Station

The B.O.A.T. - Classic Rescue Throw Bag

The B.O.A.T. - Classic Rescue Throw Bag

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(2023 CLOSEOUT SALE - LIMITED AMOUNT REMAINING) The River Station B.O.A.T. throw bag is made from highly durable materials. Keep your gear protected and dry with 360 degrees of mesh. We use high quality 3/8" floating rescue rope with a breaking strength of 3200lbs. The B.O.A.T bag is super easy to stuff with its large mouth and roomy body. Lots of fun colors to choose from! 


 - 65' of Quality 3/8" floating rescue rope with an average breaking strength of 3200lbs.

- 360 degrees of mesh for fast drying rope.

- Lots of fun colors to choose from!

- Stiff, wide mouth for easily stuffing rope.

- Side release cam buckle over the top for extra safety and clip-ability 

River Station Throw Bag For Whitewater Rescue.

High quality rope that will last! Most throw bags you get come with cheap rope that frays easily. Our double braid MFP Floatline is tightly woven, strong, and durable. By using quality rope you will greatly extend the life of your throw bag. 






*Adding rope into water is dangerous. Always use caution. Tying knots and and using ropes in certain conditions can weaken the rope drastically. Frequently inspect your gear for damage or malfunction. Retire or replace worn out gear. Whitewater sports are inherently dangerous sports. 

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