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River Station Gear

Fleece Poncho - Changing Robes

Fleece Poncho - Changing Robes

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The RSG Changing Robe is just that, a robe for changing clothing after paddling. Or you could totally just wear it around camp as a hooded blanket. Mid weight grid fleece that is breathable, soft and warm. Featuring a sweet hood that is cinchable and stylish. 2 snap buttons on each side so it can be undone and literally used as a blanket. Plus it has a nice large pocket for keeping hands warm or small items in while changing. Available in 2 sizes so it will work for just about anyone! 

Sm. Size recommended for shorter people under 5'6" and Lg. for People Over 5'7" but really is just preference. If you want to show a little more thigh and be cooler in the summer, grab a small. If you just want to wrap up like a burrito, grab the large. Either way you will be looking good out there! 

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