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Cam Strap Kits

Cam Strap Kits

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Our sweet Colorado made RSG Tiny Duffle along with your choice of small or large cam strap set for whitewater rafting. The large kit has: 4(4') 4(6') 1(10') 1(15') and the small has: 2(4') 2(6') 2(10') 2(15')  Color coded with beautiful colors and also a tag that includes the length and a place to put your name. The average breaking strength of the straps is around 1000lbs and each strap is non stretch polyester and has a strong stainless steel cam buckle. 



Made in Colorado

Average breaking strength of 1000lbs. Please be smart when strapping boats and use multiple straps. Always check for wear and tear and replace any worn straps. These straps are not intended for towing or hauling super heavy loads!



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