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ZHP - Waist Throw Bag - 2024

ZHP - Waist Throw Bag - 2024

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Our new 2024 Zip-Hip Pack was designed to be very safe. A 55' easy to stuff throw bag sits inside of a full zipper pack. When used properly, there is no chance of any rope coming out. Even after a rough swim,  your rope will be there with you. The new version includes a carabiner pocket on the front and now has 55' of rope rather than 50 in the old version. This pack is great for kayakers who also guide rafts because it can be used as a waist throw bag, or the compact throw bag can be taken out and fits perfectly in the cupholder of your kayak. The whole pack is on a quick release system to ditch everything quickly in the event of getting snagged. The pack itself also doubles as a day pack for side canyon hikes. So many color combos to choose from as you can mix and match the hip pack color and the throw bag colors! CARABINER NOT INCLUDED*


- Quality MFP Double-Braid floating rescue rope with an average break strength of 1400lbs

- Very secure, no chance of loosing your throw bag. 

- Great for kayakers who also guide rafts

- The whole pack floats.

- Multi-functional. Use it for a day pack for side canyon hikes.

- Stylish, compact and comfortable.



Carabiner Pocket: The new model has a carabiner pocket! This has been highly requested. Carrying a carabiner on you safely is a great idea. Carabiners come in handy for all sorts of things out on the river. The pocket really could be used for just about anything small though! 

Purple Best Hip Throw Bag for Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking.

Stand out! Our Zip-Hip pack waist throw bags are colorful. With 4 different hip pack colors to choose from and 5 different colors of throw bags, you really have a lot of options to look unique. The hip pack above is our purple one with a space throw bag. To this day it remains one of our top selling color combos.

Colorful Compact Best Throw Bags for Kayaking and Rafting



*Adding rope into water is dangerous. Always use caution. Tying knots and and using ropes in certain conditions can weaken the rope drastically. Frequently inspect your gear for damage or malfunction. Retire or replace worn out gear. Whitewater sports are inherently dangerous sports. 


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